Terms and conditions of admission - old

Admission conditions:
1. Conditions relating to Nationality:

a. The applicant must be a Saudi or a Saudi mother.

B. Non-Saudi applicants must have a valid IQAMA. The admission will be  according to the seats available for each nationality after the approval of the Ministry of Education.Tuition fee will be applied, the amount of SR 500 per credit Hour during the period of study at the university.

C. The applicant of the five years Immegrants  is required to have 10 digit Number provided by Ministry of Interior or proof residence permit  issued by the Ministry of the Interior. The admission will be according to the seats available after the approval of the Ministry of Education.

2. Conditions relating to High School Requirements:

a. Students should Have  Saudi General High School Certificate or its equivalent during the last five years up to 1437/1436 and above for all other programs except the health track applicantion.

B. The applicant must be a Saudi national or a Saudi mother who has obtained the Saudi General Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent in the current year 1441/1440 or last year 1439/1440 AH for the health track application.

3. The student may have a grade in the two National  tests, The aptitude tests and Scholastic Achievement Admission Tests of all programs except the theoretical disciplines for Male students.

4. The student should not have a current or previous record at the university.

5. The student should not be active or admitted to another Saudi university.

6. Conditions for admission to health tracks:

a. The applicant must be a Saudi or a  born by Saudi mother.

B. The student passes the Professional competence from the King Fahad University Hospital in Al Khobar.

7. Special conditions for admission to the College of Shari'a and Law (Sharia specialization only):

a . Obtain a weighted score not less than 80% .

B. Pass the College interview with the candidates.